Kelli Connell: Double Life

"Kelli Connell’s portraits appear to document a relationship between two women. Their idiom looks familiar: a young couple caught up in everyday moments of pleasure and reflection—a picnic in the park, playing pool in a bar, taking a bubble bath together. The first flicker of unease comes as soon as the viewer registers the similarity of the two subjects, who seem to be twins—and perhaps incestuous twins at that. In fact, Connell has photographed the same model portraying both of the women and then digitally combined the two images so seamlessly that not a trace remains of their construction. Connell has been at the forefront of artists using digital technologies for the past decade, but her art is not about Photoshop. The photographs in Double Life extend far beyond their duplicity into larger and more complex issues of identity and visual rhetoric. As she tells Dawoud Bey in the accompanying interview, 'For the most part, I’m not actually thinking so much about representing two females in a relationship. I’m more so thinking about the multiple sides of the self in the overall human experience.'" - DECODE Books

Essay by Susan Bright Interview with Dawoud Bey Published by DECODE Books
Hardcover, 12.25 x 9.5 inches
80 pages, 36 four-color plates
ISBN 9780979337390

Collect Contemporary Photo.jpeg

Collect Contemporary Photography

Where does one begin when assembling a collection of contemporary photography? How can one identify prints of lasting appeal? From discovering photographers to determining editions and displaying prints, Collect Contemporary Photography accompanies collectors through the whole process of acquiring photographic works. It also provides guidance on practical matters, including information about different photographic techniques. - Thames and Hudson


Edited by Jocelyn Phillips

Published by Thames and Hudson
Paperback, 21.5 x 14.5 cm
208 pages, 153 Illustrations
ISBN 9780500288542



PHOTOGRAPHS NOT TAKEN: A Collection of Photographers' Essays

Photographs Not Taken is a collection of essays by photographers about moments that never became a picture. Conceived and edited by Will Steacy, each photographer was asked to abandon the camera and, instead, use words to recreate the image that never made it through their lens. -Daylight Books


Edited by Will Steacy

Published by Daylight Books
Paperback, 5.5 X 8 inches
223 pages
ISBN 9780983231615



"Auto Focus features a dazzling array of self-portraits by seventy-five of the world’s foremost contemporary photographers. Photography writer and curator Susan Bright provides a clear guide through this significant and dynamic genre, showing how issues of identity—whether national, sexual, racial, personal, or artistic—are key to understanding the work of many of today’s leading photographers." - Penguin Random House


Edited by Susan Bright

Published by The Monacelli Press
Hardcover, 9 x 10-3/4 inches
224 pages
ISBN 9781580933001


PHOTOart: Photography in the 21st Century

"As digital technologies continue to impact photography, there are those image-makers who rise above the fray to produce compelling work. Photo Art: Photography in the 21st Century features 120 of the latest, greatest, and newly up-and-coming artists in a luscious compendium, each showcased in a four-page spread, with texts by sixteen top curators and theorists, and a glossary of important terms. More than a coffee-table book, Photo Art reads like an international art fair between covers." - Aperture  


Edited by Uta Grosenick and Thomas Seelig

Published by The Aperture Foundation
Flexibind, 8 1/4 x 10 3/8 inches
512 pages, 520 four-color and 45 black-and-white images

ISBN 9781597110624


Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography

"The definitive book on contemporary photography, featuring 121 international artists." - Phaidon

Introduction by TJ Demos

Published by Phaidon Books
Paperback, 11 3/8 x 9 7/8 in
352 pages

ISBN 9780714856421


MP3: Midwest Photographers Publication Project

"The Midwest Photographers Publication Project (MP3) three-volume series, produced in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP), Chicago, presents an affordable, beautifully produced introduction to three young artists poised on the brink of stardom: Kelli Connell, Justin Newhall, and Brian Ulrich.

Kelli Connell digitally manipulates a single individual to represent two sides of an evolving relationship, in what the artist calls "an autobiographical questioning of sexuality and gender roles." Justin Newhall’s lyrical exploration of discovery, speculation, and exploitation along the Lewis and Clark Trail through the Dakotas, Montana, and beyond explores the forces that have shaped our treatment of the land. Brian Ulrich shoots in malls, grocery stores, and warehouses, documenting the bounty of consumer goods available and the peculiarities of the consumers themselves; shoppers caught up in fantasy or quite simply overwhelmed, most certainly familiar." - Aperture Foundation 


Titles by Kelli Connell, Justin Newhall and Brian Ulrich

Essays by Rod Slemmons, Natasha Egan and Karen Irvine

Published by Aperture Foundation
Hardcover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
56 pages, 25 four-color images

ISBN 9781597110228